Playtesting, Twitter & More

This past weekend was "playtesting weekend" for Blade Raiders, where I had about 18 different groups run test sessions with their friends, and then got a ton of feedback. So that's what I'm focusing on this week and weekend – going over all of their input, making necessary changes, editing stuff, over all just making the game better (hopefully). People have been so very patient with me, and the light at the end of the tunnel has never been brighter... Getting close. Almost there... Stay on target! :) It's definitely proven to be no easy task to create an entire game system and get it all to flow smoothly. A challenge, but a FUN and ultimately rewarding challenge.

I wanted to also mention that Blade Raiders now has an official email address: bladeraiders@gmail.com

And an official Twitter account! Twitter.com/BladeRaidersRPG

There are big updates to come – and the game will be done soon and available to buy (and on its way to my Kickstarter supporters). Stay tuned! :)

- Grant


December Update

Hi, everyone – Update time, and it's a mixed bag of both good news and bad.

Let's start with THE BAD. Yesterday I did a full count of everything I have left to finish on the rulebook (I'd say the remaining stuff is about 20% writing and 80% art) and then compared it with my calendar, and unfortunately the math doesn't lie – There's no way I'm gonna get this thing done in time for Christmas. I have to assume this is gonna go well into January. I just have to be realistic and know my limits in terms of how quickly I can crank the art out. I'm sure there are plenty of artists who would be willing to help me out, but I REALLY want this rulebook to be 100% my artwork cover-to-cover. Not because I'm stubborn – I just want that style consistency throughout.

THE GOOD NEWS is that I plan on giving the Kickstarter backers a PDF version of the first 75 pages of the Blade Raiders rulebook before Christmas. That means an advance look at character creation, weapons, armor, riptur (ie. lizard) mounts, magic and powers, game rules, and more –– Over half the book! That will hopefully tide some folks over until the *entire* rulebook makes its way into everyone's hands a month or so later.

Thank you all for being so patient and for showing such great support for this game. :) More to come very soon!

- Grant


Art Sneak Peeks

A look at some of the stuff I've been working on this week (also posted on my Twitter: twitter.com/grantgoboom).


Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to everyone who is patiently waiting for the Blade Raiders rulebook and has supported me and my geeky career thus far. :)

Here's another little sneak peek (above): A list of the Magic Talents and the variant map, which shows the runestone areas. It'll all make much more sense when you read the book. Click the image for a bigger version! More updates (and artwork!!) coming soon.

Thanks, everyone!


'On The Table'

Blade Raiders received some wonderful lovin' from the awesome guys at Geek & Sundry and Beasts Of War. Check out the 'On The Table' Season Premiere! Blade Raiders is mentioned around the 10:40 mark. :)

Thanks so much, guys!! What a cool and flattering surprise to see this. (And thanks to John Lundquist for sending me the link. I'll definitely be adding their show to my regular bookmarks.)

- Grant



Another new Blade Raiders preview -- the table of contents, AND the latest version of the character sheet.

Link 1 of 2
Link 2 of 2

As always, these sneak peeks are works in progress, not final versions (you can see that I haven't even plugged in all the page numbers yet on the ToC). I can also reveal that the rulebook will likely end up being 130 pages. My goal was to create a well-rounded RPG, but not make it too massive and intimidating for new players. So I'm happy with the page count, and happy with how things are coming along in general. Thank you all for your continued feedback and support.

Much more to come!



Those of you who've been eager to check out the actual game system will (hopefully) enjoy this – I've decided to show the first six pages of the "Game Rules" chapter. Keep in mind, this whole thing's still a work in progress, so these pages may change a bit between now and when the book goes to print. But over all, this gives you a good idea as to how the game works.

Link 1 of 3
Link 2 of 3
Link 3 of 3

You'll quickly notice that Blade Raiders uses only d10s. Originally this wasn't the case, but as the game evolved and I tried to simplify it best I could, ten-siders just felt right.

Anyway, enjoy the rules preview. Back to work for me! :)


Confronting a Guln

A look at one of the many interior illustrations you'll be seeing in the rulebook (artwork by me). Be sure to keep an eye on the Kickstarter update page, too, for regular progress reports. Much more to come! :)